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Lingerie Adopt: CLOSED
I haven't made an adopt in so long I'm confused on the process:

purchased for :iconkirara-souchou:

Once Purchased You Can:
Change/Apply gender
Change/Alter design
Give Story
Resell (for same price or less)
Gift or trade!! 

Credit only needed for when it's due!! (i.e if someone asks)
Have fun!!

Note me or comment here for my paypal if interested ;7;
KNS: Asakura, Sayoko

This is for a bud's RP group :iconkaisou-no-shinrin:



Name: Asakura, Sayoko

Nickname: Sacchan (by younger brother)

Age: 15

Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her

Birthday: June 27

Height: 5’2/158cm

Weight: 120 lbs/54kg

Year: I

Class: TBA

Club: Photography


    * Likes *


Watching DiY videos

Morning walks


*Store Hopping (usually food stores)

*Listening to music

*Her Marble collection

    * Dislikes *

*Short term relationships (be they romantic or platonic)



*Active Exercising (She’ll do things like walking just fine)

*Being scolded

*Being reminded of her messy nature


+Jovial | +Affectionate | x Sentimental | x Easy to Please | x Independent | -Petty | -Temperamental |

Much like an indoor cat, Sayoko likes what she does and does what she likes; an independent. Since she was young, she's taught herself to be a hoarder in most everything but actual defined trash. She's incredibly disorganized and may sometimes seem scatterbrained- but she'll often describe her room and life as "organized chaos". She can find what she needs when she needs it, and acts in accordance to that.

Despite this being a motto she actively tries to live by, her feelings are another story and, much like her room, very easily get out of sorts. She's easily offended by offhanded comments and tends to over analyze things that people may say to or about her, which can be off-putting for the other parties. She's no cry baby, but she can so often react childishly and get close to one in that regard.

Though it does not take much to upset her, it also does not take much to satisfy her. A simple apology or explanation will usually do the trick, but you earn bonus points in an offer to hang out. Sayoko will jump onto the slightest notion of friendship and take any offers to chill as an immediate truce. Her favourite places to get to know people are cafes- where she can document the experience, the surroundings, and the food all in one place in relation to one another. She'll forgive very quickly. But, be warned, she never forgets. Getting on her bad side too many times can earn you the side of her that tends to be petty, demanding, and even more childish than before.

When she’s not pouting or absorbed in her hobbies, Sayoko is generally cheerful in nature and will gladly accept the company of almost anyone. She’s at her happiest when with those she cares about.


For the longest time, Sayoko grew up in a house of three; a single child with two loving parents.  Her parents opened up and began running a small consignment shop when they had first arrived in Iwamori prior to her birth. Attached to the front of their two bedroom home- is where they make a living buying and selling various used books, clothing items, and other novelties.

While she didn't have a particular interest in history itself, the idea that the items once belonged to someone and lived out their own lives and story always intrigued Sayoko. Loving each of her own possessions dearly, she wondered how people could so easily sell away something that, when priced, seemed so valuable. Vintage rings and worn out books that were so obviously once someone's favourite story always passed in and out of the shop. When the topic was brought up to her parents, they both laughed, as if it was clear. Telling her she was too young to understand, and that sometimes, money was far more important than memories.

Dissatisfied and ultimately upset with this "very adult" answer, in an impulsive act of defiance, she decided that wasn't the case for her, and never would be. Her parents jokingly challenged the six year old to prove it so; and she did. Sayoko began to keep most anything she was given that wasn't straight garbage- and if it was, she gave reason to it. For a while they thought she’d give up on it quickly- at the time she had but one neat collection of marbles, and merely an untidy room. But, to their shock, she slowly built up her new habit. Her parents wondered for how long she'd keep up her collecting, intervening only when things would begin to spill beneath her door.

When she was 11, an old oil lamp for sale in the shop caught fire, damaging a good portion of the store and part of the living area before it was put out.

The family's storage room caught most of the damage. Sayoko was devastated- most of her baby photos, family trips, post cards, gifts and other such things kept in there were destroyed. She cried more for her mother's wedding dress than her own mother did. And while the family bounced back from the incident, Sayoko always had it in the back of her mind. Her hoarding increased from there.

When she  was 13, Sayoko's mother gave birth to her now younger brother, Satoru. Due to her close ties with the Yamamoto siblings, she never really considered having a sibling of her own; the sisters were enough for her. That being said, Sayoko was at first ecstatic for the arrival, happy to have someone to look after for once instead of being looked after herself. However, she began to notice she was oddly bothered when her parents would often schedule family pictures and take photos of Satoru- documenting his firsts and lasts. Sayoko couldn't place her ill will at first, but it had hit her like a ton of bricks when the newly rebuilt storage room had finally become his nursery.

She was jealous. Though, not due to the attention he received- she loved her brother dearly and would not fight him for that. No, she was admittedly jealous of what he would have upon growing up. Baby photos, journals, the like. Documentation. Things that she had lost and could never look back on. The topic had become incredibly sensitive for her.

The realization hit her harder than she had expected it to- thinking that after two years, she was finally over her losses. She carried her feelings alone for some weeks before a fight with her parents occurred after she began impulsively ripping up one of Satoru's newly printed photos. Her parents were in shock- their daughter was prone to throwing tantrums, and giving attitude, yes, but they had never witnessed such direct behavior from her.

After an honest talk with them, Sayoko decided to take matters into her own hands once again. She took to frequent photographing and began her hobby for scrapbooking, putting some of the “junk” laying around her room in actual places to safekeep. She'd start anew with things to look back on, even if it was a bit late. She feels very few pangs of envy for her brother now, and tries to find excitement in what she can have on her own now.


Sayoko likes scrapbooking in her free time and is a collector of stationary (of various kinds- cute, professional, etc) and marbles. She keeps a myriad of writing journals and has been filling them up since middle school. Admittedly jealous of her little brother's circumstances in terms of documentation, she's taken it upon herself to document as much of her life as often as she can. Her social media accounts are frequently updated with things from the mundane to the extravagant in her life experience. She hopes to expand her skills in photo taking in the photography club. Expect many food photos, selfies, and blurry photos of running neighborhood cats.

*Her bangs get easily rustled when she walks and by the wind and stay in the position last left. It’s due to this that she stopped fixing them long ago, and leaves them in a constant state of mess (there’s no wrong way to draw them lmao). Despite her acceptance of this, she does brush them out in the morning, and this is what they actually should look like

*Is fond of decorating and accessorizing as an extension of her scrapbooking.

*Owns many bows. Changes out the ones she wears frequently.

*In relation to clothing preference- she hardly “truly” matches her outfits and is fond of what is defined as “ugly sweaters”. Her outfits are not composed purposefully, though. She just sucks at making matching clothes. Wardrobe sample lol

*While she appears to be a full-on socialite, she’s actually relatively polite before she befriends someone and will usually ask before taking a photo involving them or dragging them off with her.

*She doesn’t like the quiet and will often have music playing outloud in her room or in earbuds when alone in public

*Sentimental as she is, she gets attached very easily and isn’t fond of short term friendships

*Will gladly take and repurpose (or absolutely not use at all) things that you're planning to throw out

*Her room is awful



    Asakura Noboru
Noboru  is Sayoko’s father. A free spirited man who was a bit of a collector himself when he was young. However, as he got older and moved out on his own- his own messes became a bit overwhelming to him, due to not being very fond of cleaning either. So he simply rid himself of everything. His love of novelty had never died out however, and together with his girlfriend at the time (Kyoko), they planned for a place of their own where they could still marvel at wonders they didn’t have to keep- and simultaneous support themselves. Sayoko is closest to her father, the two of them sharing ideals and interests. When she was young, he’d often steal away books from the shelves of their store to read to Sayoko, counting each page with hints at having been dog eared. His wife would always scold the both of them for playing with store goods. In secret, Noboru spoils his daughter, often giving her things to aid her in her hoarding and helping her build her marble collection, even to this day. If Sayoko has a secret to share or a place she wants to go with no one else, it’s with her father.

    Asakura Kyoko
Kyoko’s mother is a bit more of a straight edge than her father. Having grown up in a practical and well mannered home, she’s a bit more strict in how she treats Sayoko in terms of her behavior; often chiding her on her untidy room, hair, and clothing choice. She comes off as fussy, but Sayoko understands that her mother loves her, always cherishing the rare moments in which they are close both in body and mind. Besides, her father had shown her once an old “hidden” photo of her mother in high school- and her fashion choice was not far off from her own.

    Asakura Satoru
Sayoko’s 2 year old brother. She was once envious of him having what she no longer can, but that perspective shifted as she resolved herself to rebuilding new memories. Sayoko is as close with her brother as she is with her father, often encouraging him to show her new things he finds around the house- because like father and sister, he too is a resident hoarder. They can sometimes be found napping together, curled up on the couch like two cats.

    Yamamoto Aguri
Sayoko grew up together with Aguri. She's one of the few that she considers a close friend, and has dubbed her the nickname "Guren". The two met during elementary school in an unfortunate accident where Aguri caught Sayoko wetting herself after holding her bladder for too long after school. Sayoko promptly threatened Aguri, teary eyed- though the threat was incredibly weak and held no real meaning. What started as Sayoko keeping close tabs on Aguri, making sure she wouldn't tell anyone, developed into an attachment in which Sayoko would actively ask Aguri to hang out "to watch better". Since then, Sayoko had latched onto Aguri as an ally, and later as a best friend. She often drags Aguri out for cafe hops and other such antics. Sayoko became well integrated with the Yamamoto family due to frequent visits and often playfully competes for role as the "eldest" sister, despite not being nearly as old as Amane.  

Aguri is here!!
the nickname was birthed through "Gurin" which Sayoko eventually evolved to Guren lol

Roleplay methods:


Hi I’m Milk and my roleplay areas are
Discord (most preferred), skype (if discord isn’t available), google docs and pretty much any other platforms that aren’t dA notes. I can settle for dA chat if it’s not too hectic

My preferred methods: Headcanoning, Para (3-5 paragraphs per reply), Lit (5+ paragraphs per reply), script (rarely)

If I do get in, I look forward to meeting your kiddos!!! Thank you for reading this far, I got super long winded kswaekrjethr

Kill Me tm wip
WIP for a piece I'm working on for January of this challenge -------->

Im a super lazy artist
So I'm actually really excited and scared to put effort and time into pieces for once

For the record tho
Fuck this piece already

Sorry I've been away so much
I'm still dying on tumblr lmao
I also have an art blog in the works here, so!!!
My gemsona!!! She used to have two eyes, but then considering she's technically a sapphire?? And that as far as we've seen gems of the same type have the same bodily structure? I? Changed that? I supposed maybe she sometimes splits it into two eyes to see better, but it's less tiring to usually keep it at one...

Im doodling my witchsona and also UT stuff //shimmy shimmy


United States


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